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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Nursery Rhyme Activities

"The objects, which I gave the children, were like a key to a clock, but with a significant difference.  After is is wound, the clock continues to run by itself, and after a child is given an object to use, he not only continues to work with it, but his efforts leave him mentally stronger and healthier than before."

--Maria Montessori

Juice cup prisms

Noisemakers filled with grain
Tuna can, balloon, tape
tp roll stapled in different directions
(thank you to my Montessori music teacher)

Practical Life

Little BoPeep


Other examples of Montessori matching activities

Twinkle, Twinkle
Transfer with Tweezers

Other examples of Montessori transferring with tweezers 
(the ice cube tray is more practical than attractive)

Other Montessori

Lucy Locket
Bow tying

Another example of Montessori bow tying

Seek til You Find It
Mirror Polishing
(Turn the Q-tips to the bottom)

Another example of Montessori mirror polishing


Little Betty Blue
Olfactory (smell) Matching

Another example of Montessori olfactory work

Three Little Kittens 
Fabric (Tactile) Matching

Other examples of Montessori fabric matching

Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen
Thermic Ovoids
the metal one has a chime inside
(paper and stone, wood not shown)


Another example of a Montessori thermic work
(thermic relates to heat)

She Sells Seashells

Other examples of Montessori tactile activities
Rough and smooth

Matching and sorting

Ring Around the Rosies

Another example of something interesting to touch


A Tisket, a Tasket
Writing (make rubbings)

Other examples of Montessori tactile letter activities
Sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet

This is the House that Jack Built

Other examples of Montessori sequence materials


Ride a Cock Horse 
(Rings on her fingers, & bells on her toes)
Premath 1 to 1 Correspondence
(I would probably straighten the chain)


Other examples of Montessori 1 to 1 correspondence

Hot Cross Buns
Linear Counting/Addition (+1)
This would also work for 1 to 1 correspondence (see above)

The Queen of Hearts


Old MacDonald
Vertebrate 3 part cards

Other examples of Montessori vertebrate/invertebrate work
 (sorting & 3 part cards)

Other ideas

Flower Arranging
(Cut flowers.  They place them in the green block)

Fruit Identification
Sensorial/Tactile (close eyes) or Language (vocabulary)

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